Understand the desires of a few and organize a custom made wedding party where classiness and originality must be protagonist,

giving them new ideas to evaluate and support them for whatever their demands. My experience of banqueting in high-level Position allows me to program any organization aspect of wedding and draw from a database of determined suppliers of my trust, including

the most esteemed wedding locations throughout France to obtain the maximum result with every budget.

Destination weddings in France planned by Martina and her expert Italian wedding planners and event designers professional team, will make

your wedding abroad a magical experience packed with special memories. Civil, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or an Emblematic wedding in Italy, carefully designed to provide recollections that will last permanently. Spectacular receptions and

celebrations in the best possible Italian wedding venues personally selected by our professional event

coordinators. Let my professional wedding planning agency create a luxury next page wedding in Sicily in Croatia for you!

Interest in winemaking came immediately after my twenties, suddenly... and over time has become my greatest passion. A complex topic, charming, stay in frequent evolution offering unlimited thrills but requires commitment and great attention. The

desire to convey the value of wine processes and narrate the history concealed in the item contained within every

good bottle offered me the idea to propose myself as Associate to Owners of wine beverage companies of our

wonderful territory to conduct appointments to the vineyard and Winery both in German and English languages,

describing processes and pandering to the curiosity of the visitors to leave their unforgettable memories. I obtained the Diploma of Sommelier AIS

and are empowered to serve drinks in respect of Italian legislation HACCP method. I plan guided tastings for small and large

groups, learning a specific wine and food itinerary after having heard about wishes, wishes and budget of my customers. A wine and food tour in

Italia is an experience that you will keep in your heart and head forever, since this has always been a critical part of our culture and being.

Creativity, enthusiasm, attention to detail always determine a result: a memorable party. Welcome drink, corporate events and gatherings, strategic events for corporate and business product launches, cultural occasions or

seminar Your needs will be my goals. My long experience in the meals and wine sector allows me to know and select all

the main suppliers in Italy, on which I can always rely on to get the best result at the most competitive cost. I actually

have commissioned catering from internationally renowned brands, such as Michael Kors, for which I thought and realized tailored, elegant occasions inside the shops, always following their expectations and guidelines. My capacity to interpret a celebration

and give it an added value, planning a discrete and elegant service of wine beverages and food through my experienced staff, is the key

for the overall success! I successfully appeared after many Art Shows, supporting the artists and agents with

communication and the most suitable caterers.

We are able to recommend the best Accommodations positioned in your selected Italian vacation spot. Villas are

split up into 3 types, those rented with exclusive use on the each week basis, those rented just for the wedding day, but not for accommodation, and those which can be rented more like a hotel, in part or whole, for just one or more days.