I meet seen the preview from this picture and was disappointed whatever HalleBerry was in this movie. She is a true boring actress who always playsa confident proper and in this picture she was not number than that.But Tom Hanks and Hugo Weaving made me awareness this feature in the cinema.I did not note it would be a three hours hell.The film is simple fascinating made. What height can you understand showing theWachowski brothers (or brother / sister, I got lost there). The movieswitches regarding the one parallel race tot the other. In the previewthe self thing the actors and actresses said was whatever the telling is verycomplex and every response come gross by the end. Like boring thepreview was, so was the movie. We got to surveillance three hours containing scenesgoing about telling to report and back. Only to disclose a exact story whatthe result feature was really about. Yes, you observe to understand what the movieis about through the end, but it is completed disappointing.Acting was bad. Make-up was awesome. The actors and actresses werepimped booked suitable beautiful. Sometimes the actors and actresses had tospeak words like the English language in a express talent concerning we are usedto. I could listen they had a agency regarding trial there and that really stolethe magic regarding the movie.Some people left the cinema before the show was over. Most people,like me, stayed. Maybe because we hoped the picture would detect better, orthe scream to e what this show was about, or maybe not letting ourmoney we paid for the film elegant shake the drain.One needed advice: don't spy it in the cinema. It's a debt like yourmoney. It's nothing from the matrix, what in my opinion was a greataction movie.

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