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If you'd like to buy a headset with amazing sound for your games but can't afford to spend a lot, you will like the Ear Force X12 Headset. It boasts 50mm speakers and the audio has thoroughly clean highs and deep lows. You have access to volume controls and adjustable bass for either game or chat, due to the in-line amplifier. The X12 is a great PC gaming headset, because it has got separate connections for mic and line signals.

The X12 is the next generation of the most well-known XBOX gaming headset, the X11, which offers the 50 mm speakers and adjustable bass. The high quality sound and new features gives it an edge over others. You are going to notice sounds on the X12 that you couldn't hear with standard speakers. It is also possible to easily hear footsteps or the sound of a weapon being loaded from a distance. It will give you the advantage to winning the game, when you're able to hear the sound in no time to take out the opponent, before they take you out. It is possible to play for extended periods with these headphones as the ear cups are large and heavily padded.

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If you're serious about how your game sounds, you will definitely appreciate what the X12 has to offer. You can do a lot of extended gaming sessions with the comfy ear cushions, and make audio changes immediately with the in-line amplifier. You can even make immediate adjustments to game audio and chat volumes because of the independent controls. There are not any adapters or batteries required, since the power supplied to your amplified Xbox 360 headset is supplied by a USB connection. The reviews for the X12 have been mainly good so you probably will not make a terrible choice by getting it.

The one thing that lots of people like about the X12 is that the mic is excellent at picking up whispers and mumbles. The overall excellent sound quality and handy bass control are also features that lots of customers enjoy. The headsets aren't noise canceling but the outside noise is considerably cut down. Many customers who wear glasses also found the headsets to be rather comfortable. One of the disadvantages for this headset is because the mic is very sensitive, it has a tendency to pick up a lot of background noise. Some people have also lamented that hearing their own voice while chatting is a disruption. It has an indicator if the mute is on or not. Nevertheless, how the mute is positioned, it could be switched on or off by accident quite easily.

If you used headsets in the past, you may notice the difference with the X12. For many people it's going to be a huge improvement, and for others it may not. In case you loved this article and you would like to receive details concerning energy take classic 5.1 review i implore you to visit our internet site. It is advisable to test it out for yourself to see if it is perfect for you.